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Sharing the stoke since 2017.

Previously Hughies Boards, we have rebranded this year for our growing brand. Our mission is to get all ages outdoors, salty and trying something new!

Bellyboarding is the oldest form of surfing from ancient Hawaii & the Polynesian islands.The board design was based on the ancient Hawaiian Paipo boards (Paipo meaning short or small board). In Hawaii people learnt the art of riding prone on these short wooden boards before they attempted to stand up on the longer "alaia" boards.

So what's the difference between belly boarding and boogie boarding? ah ha! Good question! On boogie boards you position your whole body on the board, whereas on a bellyboard, around a third of it is ahead of you and you use the face of the wave to plane on the surface whilst pulling up the nose of the board to create more speed. Belly boarding is halfway between Bodyboarding and boogie boarding.

So why choose a bellyboard? Besides being the ultimate fun in the surf, bellyboards don't present a hazard to our marine ecosystem. unfortunately the same can't be said about disposable polystyrene boogie boards. So feel confident in knowing you're doing good for the environment whilst also learning the first form of surfing!

What our customers say!

I love the bellyboard,really fasten trim, draws beautiful turns and hooks up nicely in deep pits that simply can't be made body surfing. I love the boards Hawaiian roots, it feels like im riding a piece of history! This board is a must for a full surfing quiver.

Tony Coles

Gave the belly a go today....

Mate...10/10. super quick and loads of control on those turns. So Stoked!!!

Adam Jace